"Interferencja to nakładanie się na siebie co najmniej dwóch fal, czego efektem jest powstanie w przestrzeni nowego rozkładu fal."

Kolejne odsłony Interferencji będą pojawiały się co 2-3 tygodnie na łamach Trzeciej Fali. Pomysłodawczynią cyklu jest FOQL. Do współtworzenia projektu zaprosiła kilkanaście osób z Polski, Holandii, Szwecji, Niemiec i Belgii. Wśród nich są doświadczeni muzycy, szefowie niezależnych wytwórni, a także artyści początkujący, być może nawet nieznani bliżej słuchaczom w Polsce, na pewno jednak aktywni na swoich lokalnych podwórkach niezależnego muzycznego półświatka. Kluczem wyboru był wyrazisty estetyczny i etyczny rys każdej z zaproszonych osób, a także bezkompromisowe, konsekwentne działanie wbrew wytyczonym zasadom tak zwanego marketingu, czy pseudopromocji, reżimu lajków i  autoprezentacji.

Każde wydanie Interferencji będzie swoistą odpowiedzią na zadane pytanie: czym jest dla Ciebie eksperyment i czy nadal ma sens?

Nie będziemy się trzymać żadnej konkretnej formy. Zaprezentujemy mixtape i sety DJ, które niekiedy będą połączone z performancem dźwiękowym, nagrania terenowe, słowo mówione ze specjalnie przygotowanymi kompozycjami dźwiękowymi, nagrania na żywo, manifesty graficzne - wszystkie będą przygotowane specjalnie dla Trzeciej Fali.


Is experiment still possible? How do you experiment?

Of course it’s possible although it’s very difficult to create something completely new nowadays. By experimenting we can always find new ways to reinterpret the past or our influences. This is what experimenting means to me in music, I don’t consider myself an experimental artist sound-wise.

What does it mean to be independent in social media era?

I think that social media gives you the chance to be an independent artist/label. Without it 99% of the labels and artists out there wouldn’t have any channels (money basically) to communicate with their followers. Hence no gigs, no sales, no physical releases. On the other hand it’s very scary how social media became part of everyone’s life. From this point of view it seems like there’s no social media free life in 2017.

I see many similarities and same tendencies at polish and hungarian political scene - how should we react in our art? How modern politics affect underground art? How should we resist?

I don’t know too much about the Polish political scene unfortunately and I tried to avoid the Hungarian news as much as possible in the last few months. Although based on the information I have I’m very sad how many people in Hungary still believe our government’s propaganda which is full of hate and xenophobia. Sometimes I feel like we live in parallel universes.

Anyway as for underground art there are some countries where it has a very important role in the national culture like Germany for instance. And there are countries like Hungary where the government tries to tell you what should be considered as art. Music is a form of self expression to me, not a form of resistance… Yet.

What is the biggest barrier for hungarian artists - is it only money or maybe other aspects?

Money can be a problem obviously if you want to make a living from music. Fees are much higher in Western-Europe than in Hungary so you need to get abroad gigs to become a full-time musician (the same artist can get at least 3-4 times higher fees in WE). If you make music as a hobby (like I do) hopefully you can make enough money with your day job although you won’t have enough time to reach your full potential in music.

Besides money as mentioned previously underground music is not really part of the culture in Hungary. Therefore our electronic music roots are not as strong as in Germany or in the UK for instance.

At last but not least I also see a communication problem. As a Hungarian artist/label it’s quite difficult to get the attention of international music magazines. Without them it’s hard to reach people who might be interested in what you do to sell tapes/vinyls at scale (2-300 copies).

Please introduce some best hungarian underground venues for electronic music :-)

The most known is probably Larm which is a dark techno club in Budapest. The same team runs Toldi Klub which was a cafe of a cinema previously. There’s a venue called Müszi which is more like an artist community place than a club but as Farbwechsel we had a few parties there too.
There are also bigger clubs like Akvarium or Corvin Club but I haven’t been there in the last year.


1. Norwell - Prologue (Unreleased)
2. Alpár - Dolphin sashimi (Unreleased)
3. 12z - Thus They Celebrate (Other People)
4. Saint Leidal The 2nd - Body Bubble 2 (Farbwechsel)
5. Norwell X Alpár - Untitled (coming soon on Farbwechsel)
6. Norwell - Romantic Overtures (Seagrave)
7. Berriloom - Ears of Wheat (Self-released)
8. 12z - Raise your frequency (Farbwechsel)
9. Imre Kiss - Longing (Unreleased)
10. S Olbricht & Carla Under Water - Running Blind (SicSic Tapes)
11. Norwell - Far-Gone (coming soon on Farbwechsel)
12. A I W A - nut it delle (Always Human Tapes)
13. Route 8 - Never Ending Journey (Farbwechsel)
14. S Olbricht - 137x3brk (UIQ)
15. Imre Kiss - Never (Lobster Theremin)
16. J.Mono - Redd (Dalmata Daniel)
17. Wedding Acid Group - Acid Memories 2 (Farbwechsel)
18. Kokum - About my past (Farbwechsel)

"Based in Budapest, Norwell, named Balazs Semsei, has made his mark as a producer in the recent years with his joint effort with S Olbricht on Cleaning Tapes, with his solo release on Beachcoma, as well as his contribution to Budapest’s Farbwechsel. Semsei can easily dive into the realms of 70s Kosmiche music to collect its wonders and knowledge to present them in a brand new light.
In 2016 he started a new adventure to explore the land of electro. As a first step on this journey he released a 12” on the Rotterdam based Pinkman. His electro inspired tracks put his sound into a new aspect: still emotional and bitter-sweet but club focused.

Hypnotizing, uplifting yet grounded, Norwell blends an astute use of grainy analogue synths textures to modern electronic music structures to create a sound that resonates with every nooks and crannies of the human body."